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Saudi Arabia

The mighty dunes of Saudi Arabia have hidden secrets waiting to unfold to you. The birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia abundant in attractions and symbolism. Followers of the Islamic religion believe the journey to Meca and Madinah is a way to true salvation. Maidan Saleh rests with beautifully carved temples, also famed as the other Petra. The classy Jubbah flaunts unmatchable rock art as marks itself as one of the most treasured ancient art forms and resources. Recently, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has changed its stance towards openness and making women liberal. Solo female travellers can now head to the country but still ensure decent attires. At the same time, men have also started to learn about seeing females in all segments, unlike before.

Saudi Arabia


The most charming city in the country is Jeddah. Prevalent and prominent for its old traditional way to head to Mecca, Jeddah is also a muggling crossroad for pilgrims heading to Madinah. Travellers and visitors will find Jeddah open and accessible as compared to the rest of the country. Get on top gear with bustling souqs, fantastic dive sites, dreamy corniche and immersive Arabian flavours. Treat yourself to authentic and genuine Arabian food that is cooked with traditional methods to retain the aroma.

Saudi Arabia


Witness the most impressive rock carving ever in history at Jubbah. The premier site is a UNSECO Heritage preserved area that unapologetically stretches to 39 km, making it the exceptional open-air art gallery. Inhabitants of 5500 BC carved out animals grazing and drinking water. Elegantly carved oryx and camels and the remarkable Thamudic inscriptions flaunt their unique presence here. Archeologists, historians, travellers, and visitors will find this site worth spending their time here.

Saudi Arabia


Only people of the Muslim religion have access to the pace. And find it quite an emotional experience when they first see the Holy Kaaba. Muslims head to Mecca to perform Hajj, which is essential for those who can physically and financially make it possible. The arrangements at Mecca are structured and well-planned. Hotel stays and other necessities for pilgrims are abundant in the city. Famous for its spiritual values, Mecca is a blessing. The city resides with ancient Arab villages with beaming homes and men in white robes on their spiritual journey.

Local culture & heritage


The dress code in Saudi Arabia is conservative for men and women. Men wear a long white robe in summers and black or brown robes in winters. Like other Muslim countries, the headdress is quite common, which is a gutra held by an igla above a small white cap. The gutra is usually worn in white or a red and white checked cotton material for gutra. Men wear a traditional Bisht on prestigious ceremonies that is black or brown Arabic cloak with gold hemmed or embroidered gold trims. Women wear a long abaya and cover their faces and hands, which is a formal requirement. In addition, women wear ornated with coins, sequins, metallic thread and appliques.

Saudi Food

The typical food loved by the locals is chicken, rice, wheat, lamb, yogurt, potatoes, dates and seafood. Different regions have their cuisines and preparation methods according to the availability of cooking resources. Saudi people are known for their hospitality, and coffee is an integral part of their beverage. The traditional coffee houses are now being refashioned to cafes. Laban is a yoghurt based drink usually savoured to beat the scorching heat of the deserts. Another drink to beat the heat is Sobia. It is made from a fermented mixture of barley, dates and herbs and spices.

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The first national park of the country is home to endangered specials of Arabian wild cats. Mountains as high as 3000 m above sea level guard the park and offer various activities to visitors and travellers. Villages enveloped along green valleys are distinct and rich in culture. You might not get access to the homes of some species as they are left undisturbed. A sprawling area of 4500 sq km gives wildlife enough habitat and privacy. But you can take pleasure in viewing them from a distance from viewing platforms. Locals can be seen going on a picnic, and the park provides exciting camping options too.


More and more divers worldwide are heading to the Farasan Islands to experience the rich plankton bed here. In addition, stingrays, sharks, dolphins and varieties of fish are abundant here, adding rainbow texture to the warm underwaters of the Red Sea. The coast is a home to several endangered species of sea turtle. The surviving coastal mangroves are fascinating. Farasan Town had the classy legacy of pearl diving. Very little is known or said about the legacy as now no generation is following it. Farasan Pearl divers are known in the world for their pearl diving and commercialisation of the same.


Try your hands on henna

Try your hands on henna

The Gulf country is vested with old Arabian markets bustling with handmade utensils, souvenirs, carpets, shawls, embroidered fabrics and traditional dresses. In contrast, the capital city and major cities are lined up with an array of high-end shopping malls. Street marts will give you a benefit, but make sure you ask for prices elsewhere before lending that cash. For all your needs, travellers can also head to nearby shops for knick-knacks. Local spices and fish are a takeaway and do not make a mistake to ignore the custom-made jewellery.


Conservative yet embracing

Countries like Saudi have well-preserved traditions and culture, giving an authentic window about the kingdoms and their people. Women have now started being visible and acceptable. But a while back, restaurants for families are separate, and brows are raised. A woman walking into a restaurant or a shop alone or with a male family member is unusual. Rules are strict for girls to remain covered even while driving or outside the house. Music, dance, craftsmanship has already made their mark on the international diaspora. Bedouins in deserted villages still live to live a nomadic life. On the other hand, people are more liberal in cities kile Jeddah.

Sights & Attractions

Ancient stunners

Norther Saudi Arabia holds treasures of the pre-Islamic era. Maidan Saleh will continue to remain a showstopper with its Petra like carved tombs. Al Ula is an ode to ancient civilisations. Hejaz Railway narrates age-old stories with its rusting staions, distorted tracks and lone locomotives. As the desert walks into the Red Sea, the sight of nature is ecstatic. Camels are seen walking endlessly through the times. Mountains hold a lot of nature’s creation that needs to be guarded. Cities are both tightlipped and liberal.